Friday 20 July 2007

do you take sides?

today i have a friend in Palestine. last week he was in Israel. every day he hears s different story, different pain, different joy, different suffering. never the same and never a middle ground. each side says they are right, their cause must be fought for - he must 'go home and tell them that the Israelis/Palestinians are right'.

does he need to choose?

living in a segregated country, sometimes i wonder about places like Israel and Palestine. their violence makes ours look like child's play, but it's still one community/culture against another. there are still losses and struggles. one side seems to come out on top and the rest of the world chooses depending on popularity at the time.

why do we have to choose?

what makes one side 'right' and the other 'evil'? is it really our place to choose or does that prerogative belong to the Creator?

don't think that i'm saying there is no right or wrong or truth. i've plenty of relatives who will tell me that there is only one way and the rest go the way of uncle gerry. why do they get to choose? would they have sat down with the taxcollector? would they listen to a prostitute? let one touch them?

would you or i?

sounds nearly silly doesn't it?

of course i would we say!

but do you?

oh, i'd never meet one cause i don't know any and don't hang around 6th street/the albert clock after dark.

should you start?

do the numbers count?

how many of them are there cause they WANT to be? and how many cause they're FORCED to be?

should we side with them? or against them?

what would Jesus do really?

would he choose against two tiny children? one born on one side of the wall and one born on the other?

if you saw them, could you?


Angie said...

very thought provoking

thanks, E

J-Mac said...

Brilliant E,

One thing I am sure of is that it could never be God's will for one people group to prosper as a direct result of the oppresion and suffering of another.