Wednesday 26 September 2007

just stuff

i came home from a charity event tonight with an emptiness that wasn't expected. it's a year to the day that Lins was diagnosed with a brain tumour. one of the things that Lins loved was Uganda. she had a broken heart for those in need so one of the things she and Ali were involved in was taking a team to uganda to build a primary school. tonight was a charity dinner to raise money for the secondary school. it gives kids a chance to get an education past primary school, get at least one decent meal a day and teaching about Jesus. it's such a privledge that we can be involved with this and support something that Lins was passionate about.

tough night though. and i drove home to my bed knowing that my husband will join me in a few hours and all will be well.

so who am i to think it's a tough night?

if my heart is sore cause Lins is gone, what must Ali's be like? and Nik? and Liz and Arthur?

i can't understand.

but i do get so frustrated cause they are hurting and broken and i can't do anything for them.

odd, isn't it? that the very thing we want to fix we can't? i guess faith must be rather blind cause if we could see all that lies ahead would we continue on?

alot has happened in 12 months. no one ever thought we be doing a charity event in Lindsay's honour. 23 year olds don't die of cancer.

but what an honour. seeing we can't have her here with us, we can try to continue to pour out what beautiful love of God she had.

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