Thursday 27 September 2007

autumn sky 02

autumn sky 02
Originally uploaded by girl-ferg.
this is my favourite time of the year! i love the crisp, clear air, and the leaves and berries changing to crimson and orange.


CuzNuz Ruth said...

Your picture is just beautiful... I love this time of year best too, and love taking pictures of the clouds... they are ever changing. Also I wanted to say, your header picture is just gorgeous. And did you make up your header saying? It is a neat draw... just want to come and have that cup of tea!

Aaron and Suellen said...

you say crisp, I say frigid! I thought it was crisp there even in the Spring and Summer! It's too cold there for sweet iced tea to ever work, but here, in the balmy South, it just hits the spot!

ruthEbabes said...

I've been looking at the autumn leaves on the forest floor lately and thinking of you... just remembering you decorating your dining table last year with some.