Sunday 11 November 2007

thinking and new things

right, so it's been ages since i've written anything here. not that i've nothing to write, but that i've so much in my head i don't even know where to begin, middle or end.

plus, i had someone whose thoughts and life i greatly respect and admire tell me that they sometimes read what i wrote. it threw me for a bit. since then i've been thinking a lot of what i write here and why i do and who reads it. initially it was only a dumping ground for my thoughts and a place for my family to see a glimpse of my life. now it's become a random place of pictures, bits of my life, thoughts, pain, and sometimes frustrated ranting.

i suppose, really, anyone who puts anything on the net must assume that anyone can then gain access and read what is there. and perhaps a bit naively, i assumed that no one was looking who i didn't know was looking.

periodically people have mentioned that this is a place where i am very personal with what i write and i've questioned that - i guess it is, but i've not specifically intended it to be. i wonder have i given an impression of myself that isn't accurate - not untrue, but inaccurate?

so the plan is to try and be a bit more consistent with writing. they probably still won't be "updates" but at least i'll try to vary them a wee bit more.

so here we go. maybe it'll be a bit of a change, but then again, as i analyse myself and the bits and pieces are here, it'll just be the same, and what you're getting is the reality of who i am.

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