Sunday 2 December 2007


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we went to a concert tonight. it was brilliant. well, let me rephrase that, the band was brilliant! the engineer was rubbish! it amazes me how someone can get away with that kind of shoddy work when they're on major tours. needless to say, it was loud, really loud, and now i'd like to be sitting next to the sea, watching the wind rough up the water, and listen to the silence.

i miss the mountains. the quiet of the trees, knowing that the only sound will be made by nature - or by that coyote sitting next to me.

sometimes i wonder if i'll ever live next to them again and then i wonder - what if GOD sends me even further from them?

i'll go.


Joseph said...

I've never liked living away from the mountains either. I feel like I'm wasting away somehow when they are not nearby. G-d has his ways though.

jonnybleu said...



it is great to see a glimpse of your life...I hope you are well and enjoying life!