Tuesday 1 January 2008

christmas in oregon!

isabel tree
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we surprised my family and showed up at mum and dad's door mid-December for Christmas. both my younger bros were away or with the wife's family this year so the homestead needed a few more bodies.

my dad's face was blank with shock when he opened the door and my mum just kept saying 'i can't believe it'. it was brilliant! :)

what a treat to be there for christmas - got the chance to go to a REAL running store, went to mongolian grill, mcmenamins (twice), kev and julie's massive christmas party, and then christmas eve watching old slides and eating peppernuts, christmas day with raclette... it was lovely.


Anonymous said...

I'm still saying "I can't believe it!"
It was wonderful and now it's over :(

Philip said...

I can't believe you guys had raclette and I wasn't there!! :-(

Angie said...

lovely doesn't cover it....
it was brilliant, amazing, so so so fun!
see you next year as well?

KFen said...

I am so glad that I got to see you for a little bit, too! How terrific that you had a lovely time!

jonnybleu said...

mmmmmmm! we had raclette for new years!

come back again next year! =)


Anonymous said...

We had "leftover" raclette again on New Year's Eve!

CuzNuz Ruth said...

oh is it a tradition at your mum's house to make peppernuts for Christmas? Remember doing that as a kid too, especially with Grandma Anna Renich! What I really think is neat tho is your tradition of looking at old slides. What fun! But I have a question, what are raclettes? Even your pic doesn't quite explain, tho the table looked beautiful. How neat to be able to be a surprise!

EilĂ­s said...

raclette is a french cheese. it's melted over boiled potatoes and is served with a side of pickles. it's lovely!!