Friday 7 March 2008

les fleurs

i'd like to plant these flowers in my garden. but i can't find them anywhere. they were in a magazine once under the name 'Ranunculus'. they come in all different colours and i think they're really lovely. anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Look at:
Ranunculus (note the extra "n")
Persian buttercups

I'll come to see them when they are blooming!

dave wiggins said...

i've an idea, plant a flower you can find?

Anonymous said...

I just grabbed this off the top of the list of 'how to grow ranunculus' I'm sure there are other sites that will prove helpful.

When they are blooming, the entire family will be over to see them:):)

We've been enjoying all your recent pics on flickr.'s a cool site that might you might enjoy, and it might prove helpful with some ideas for your own blog site. Recently, I read that she get's nearly 70,000 hits a month with her stuff. And she's from your neck of the woods:):)