Monday 10 March 2008

sunday night

being out on a 'school night' is definitely harder than it used to be. went to the rotterdam last night for mel's gig.

it was good fun to chill a bit with "the lurgan crowd" although i spent most of my time laughing at the silly drunk locals and chatting to an old friend.

mel, on the other hand, was captivating, she looked like she'd been singing on stages with john and marty for years. great lyrics, vocals and stage presence - i am more excited than ever to get this girl recorded. trying to figure out how to get it big. need to flog it to the radio when we're done.

i'll give you my kiss if you give me devotion
i'll give you my heart as your home.


Mel Wiggins said...

and easy words to learn too apparently...for some anyway...I on the other hand had to WRITE the words on my hand!

thank you for being there...

Jonathan said...

i wanna hear sis, you always choose the bestest musics