Monday 21 April 2008

response to Alain's post

you can read it here. ali was writing about truly changing the way we live in response to our relationship with CHRIST... and thinking about doing that in decades instead of months...or weeks.'re right about the ease of talking about doing things and living a certain way, and the difficulty in actually doing it. we, in our generation especially, seem to want others to make the commitments to live Biblically or effectively, or to take the blame for the world's problems. but really, regardless of who's 'fault' it is, we are right along the same lines with our sin, so we should be right there living to make a difference. really living, like you said. yes, we have redemption, but all the more then we should live in response to GOD's way of living, not the world's way.

when i think about living intentionally for GOD in 10 years blocks, it's a bit overwhelming. perhaps even scary when we think of it in world terms - what if it means living 10 more years away from my family? of course we think '10 years??! you've got to be kidding! in 10 years i'll be nearly 40!'

what's 10 years to eternity?

as christians, how can we not think more long term like this? alongside the openness of allowing GOD to lead us in a different direction at a moments notice, perhaps we miss the power of living this way.

how long can we go just thinking about doing things, rather than moving and doing them? i'm just as guilty of this as the next and Ali's post got me thinking that maybe those little nigglings of 'what about that?' need to just be acted on in faith rather than waiting for the physical writing on the wall.

any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

just do it, unless it is against the word of GOD, cause we are made to live life in all fullness...see John10:10 in a fresh translation or get someone to translate it from the original greek for you. love you dear friend, Jenny