Saturday 13 September 2008


so i have these three friends.... i'll call them curly, moe, and larry....and i don't know what to do about them....

curly...used to get texts all the time, funny comments, good laughs whenever we saw each other, great fun. now, barely hear anything. don't know if they're just frantically busy so if there is something wrong. there was one thing, but it seemed to be no big deal....but you know how your mind goes back to the worst thing you can think of.....i'm frustrated, cause i liked that friendship. do i just sit them down and say....

moe...only talks to me periodically, when moe wants something. when we met, i thought there was a good friendship in the works. but moe lives in a different place and has loads of friends now. so moe rings when i have something he needs. i want the friendship of moe, but at what cost? dear to me. and in the worst trouble of the three. and i can't seem to help, and it's awful. larry is in the middle of horror and is trusting GOD implicitly, but it seems like HE's not doing anything. there is no doubt HE's still GOD to be worshiped and revered, but i can't carry larry, so GOD has to. what if HE doesn't?

i don't know what to do about these friends.

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