Sunday 12 April 2009

new life

it's a beautiful morning. a morning for enjoying company and sitting in the quiet listening to the birds and the sun. sitting next to you drinking tea in the morning and first breakfast, before we walk to the village and enjoy the quiet and the rustle of the countryside.

i am here, drinking a cup of mariage frères tea and missing You.

i've been away. my mind has been restless and wandering. rather than keep my feet, i've missed the stability of wandering with You.

It's a dangerous business, stepping out your front door. You never know where'll you'll be swept off to.

the danger isn't being swept away, the danger is sitting and becoming stagnant. it's time i started moving again. like the dead marshes and their creeping mould, i've let this place drag me into isolation and dormancy.

it's the simple things that lift the heart and bring the soul back into alignment.

morning has broken.

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