Saturday 15 August 2009


surely everyone who has a blog goes through times when they don't blog and the blog sits online without an update for ages....yes, this one has been like that. I tend to think that my life isn't exciting enough to blog about. but the i read my friends' blogs i love that they write about their daily lives and tell about what they do and the things their kids say.

maybe i should try that - to bring more of my daily life into this blog and wait less for my brief and far between moments of brilliance.

these last couple months have been really busy. work has been, well, a bit difficult. certain co-workers have been hard to adjust to and have working alongside me. I've been given quite a bit more responsibility on my projects. Sometimes I think this is great, and other times (mostly those times when I'm having to do my work and others on top of my own) the extra work/responsibility isn't so nice. but I've been working with some interesting and helpful people all over the United Kingdom and able to go over to meetings in London and Edinburgh - long days, but good craic.

I've also been using up loads of spare time running. specifically training for an ultra-marathon (50k), which is on the 12 Sept in Oregon. it's already nerve-wracking just thinking about it, but i'm sure once i get there on the day it'll be grand. the training has been fun and very difficult but enjoyable. this race is one i've been wanting to do for a long time and i'm glad there is the chance.

hopefully this'll be the start of more frequent posts.
speak soon.

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