Sunday 8 August 2010

Either side of the coin.

My brother and belle-soeur are having a bébé in a couple months. I can't wait to meet this wee child, and am so thrilled they will be in La France for the naissance. While we don't know if it's a garçon or fille yet, I am so ready to buy wee clothes for le petit chou. Newborn clothes are SO tiny, it's hard to imagine that the wee pieds that will be small enough to be in these socks will someday be big enough to walk through la vie and run this race we face.

Some days that race is more cross-country than road race. There is no smoothness and the mud and muck pulls at your feet and causes stumbles and slips. It amazes me sometimes to think of what life brings us from birth to death. How little we realise those decisions are so crucial. That love of His is so necessary. Necessary for us to leave the legacy of peace and gentleness, of love and not bitterness.

My dear friend's Grandma died yesterday. Mimi....what a woman she was, oh aye, perhaps she didn't always choose the right thing, I recognise the humanity. But I loved the woman. The rather eccentric, electric, gentle, proper, ladylike and funny woman. The woman who had lived through success and failure, and walked out the other side in elegant poise.

So here I live in the middle these two sides of the coin. Pre-birth and post-death....I hope to see you both some time.

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