Tuesday 20 March 2007

paddy's day weekend

finished the album early friday morning and andrew posted it up to the replication company in england friday. we could use a good replication place here in NI!

now recovering after a weekend in castlebar, co mayo. up in belfast for half 9 to pick up gear for a five and a half hour drive in cold weather with no heat in the van and windows that didn't shut...oh it was cold!

the weekend was about 'nua' (irish for new), Pete Greig (24-7 ) spoke about prayer, mission, and a calling to live dangerously. not being part of the culture, or a sub-culture, but being a counter-culture. he looked at moses being used in spite of being a murderer (sure and that's not something we tend to focus much attention on in our church services) and how GOD called him back into Egypt where he messed up in the first place. and then at the disciples being commissioned into the world. every wonder why you're complacent in your relationship with GOD? maybe it's because you never went when HE sent you. it was good. challenging and thought provoking.

we got to spend a bunch of time with the emmanuel folks, which was good craic. and the reedstar boys...next album - need to get working on it today...led worship a couple of the sessions.

it was a class weekend but we are wrecked and in need of some serious sleep after the past couple weeks. andrew's gigging tonight and i'm on the couch with a bad sore throat and head cold.

happy paddy's day.


J-Mac said...

Hey Elias (sorry for spelling!), I didn't know you were involved in the magical blogsphere! Was good to hang out a bit with you and Gus in Castlebar. Certainly you can borrow Fergal Keane...though it may make you want to leave Portadown!

J-Mac said...


J-Mac said...

crap sorry...Eilis (dunno how to do the fancy letters!)

EilĂ­s said...

LOL. and i can't even reciprocate by spelling john wrong! :) can't imagine wanting to leave the great p-down, but i'm willing to have a read. see you at church tomorrow.