Tuesday 27 March 2007


yo. heading to tenerife tuesday for a week of sun, good craic, and running.

yes, that's right. physio today gave me leave to run 15 minutes.


back in a week.


peteroberts said...

Yeah big girl stay away from the meat!!! We had a great day and have been listening to your (mrs producer!)album am at work and trying to find the chords for 'you are everything' (if thats what its called) you know the Tim Hughes one you've been telling me about but failing miserably. God has been speaking to me for about 2 weeks about Christ in you the hope of glory' (Col 1 vs 27)it seems to be everywhere not least thru that song so thanks Eilis. Enjoy Tenerife

CuzNuz Ruth said...

Love the 'do' you got in Tenerife. Cute and so nice for a vacation - no care. Glad you had a good time.