Thursday 17 January 2008

just stuff

i was chastised and even threatened this week (you know who you are) on the fact that my blog is slow to be updated...and here i thought i was doing better. (grin)

it's not for lack of brain material, it's just that i have trouble getting things from my brain to paper, or the keyboard. when i look at other blogs i realise that people are very 'chatty' in their posts. mostly mine are a wierd match between poetry and prose that is becoming harder and harder for me to get out of my head. maybe cause i don't write it down often enough it's now slow to come...if you don't use it and all that...

so a general update - we've now tiled the kitchen, when i get home i'll take a picture and it will be - here. the hallway and toilet room need done but it's slow. they look great though! really like them.

i met with a musical mate the other day and have plans to get some of her music recorded. that will be a treat - to work with a musician who puts in the time and is more than someone who sings! AND a good song writer. honestly, she gave me a bit of a surprise for i'd never heard her before and i was duly impressed. her voice is very clear and will tuned and i don't often get to hear that. it will be good craic as well as good music.

in the meantime, work is going well, we're in the middle of it all again as the next strand of the water report just came out and it's 'meet with the minister' time again. good fun and interesting to boot. i like my job!


Mel Wiggins said...

You beaut. You and I are in for a rollercoaster of thrills these next few months with this recording I can feel it coming! So pleased to have someone with...dignity...behind it all. Love love love x

KFen said...

Good work on all the tiling! Boy, sounds like it's a lot of work getting set up with new construction there!

Dreams In The Darkness said...

I know what you mean about other people's blogs. I often wonder if I got the blogging thing right because mine are more like the psychological ravings of a lunatic and sometimes don't even make sense to me!!

Have to agree about Mel's talent! Amazing! It's good that she has someone who knows how to capture it for her!