Thursday 17 January 2008


only a week has passed since i was at the physio getting a once over. it wasn't the most comfortable session, but the worst was the news.

she said i was done running.

i'm posting it here cause i don't agree!

i will run again.

there was another time in my life when a doctor told me i might always walk with a limp after tearing my achilles. i made it home before crying and vowed i would run - nearly out of spite. i spent many a day sitting next to pre's rock staring at my crutches and plastered leg.

two years later i raced a 5k, won, beat all but 3 of the men running the race and set a PB of 4.42 in the mile.


and you're all my witnesses.


Philip said...

LOVE you. :)

Brenton said...

U go girl, btw running is so boring, why do u want to run, a doctor telling me not to run would be brilliant, tho if its your passion i totally understand, that would be like a doctor telling me i couldnt arse about any more... Id show him and so will you

Anonymous said...

u will run again keep faith, euros clubs arent that far away now,
luv u rhi xx

EilĂ­s said...

thanks. i really appreciate the encouragement.

J-Mac said...

I want to run
I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside!

Anonymous said...

I love running and can feel your frustration. You WILL get there, just give it some time!