Saturday 8 January 2011

dreaming of planting

It's January. That month when the plants are either leaf-less or seemingly dead. Every plant I have is struggling to survive the harsh cold we're experiencing. With the country's water supply system in literal pieces and my office under review with their dealing of the situation, I dream of freshness...of spring, of summer, of what it will produce for me.

Even though most of my plant are dead, there are a few who are brave enough to flaunt their heart in the face of the cold. My daffodils are already peaking forth from below the frosted ground. The willow in the corner of the garden still hides the tiny birds and has started to produce a string of buds, once more showing it's hardiness. Despite being covered in snow and ice for two weeks, as few of the herbs aren't completely frozen. And so I wait to see what will survive the winter.

But while I wait, I dream of my garden. Of what I will plant...and my seeds have arrived!

I might have gone a little over board this year. Last year I had two beds and a load of pots strewn around the garden. This year I'll plan better. While I'll still do onions, even thought they take up so much room, I'll not have shallots this year. They will have to wait until I have a proper, big garden with more than two small beds. I'll have Oregon Sugar Pod peas again, but put them at the back of the bed where they won't block the sun (beginners mistake last year), radishes and carrots will go in right away and will be planted two or three times as they ripen, while I'll not make the mistake of having dill in the bed again. Last year it tried to take over, so I'll keep it in a well watered pot, along with the gerkins. Lettuce gets a couple plantings over the course of the summer/autumn so it'll be a nice mix over the time. French beans (not the mini plants this year, but proper climbers, and broccoli will fill the rest of the beds.

I think my favourites are the potatoes...they go in the bags and I have extra bags this year so hope to have lots more than last year - just need to figure out how to store them afterward.

I also got flowers this year...seeds and will be getting plants. This will take some sorting as I've not got enough pots to plan all these, but might try to convince A to build me a raised flower bed against the back fence.

Hopefully this will all work. I'd like to go pickles again this year with the gerkins, only more than 5 jars. They turned out pretty well, taste-wise. Maybe cooked a bit long.

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purnay said...

i hope ur garden will be as beautiful as u imagine it to be. i love plants/flowers in Europe. most r lovelier than ones in Asia