Friday 25 March 2011

how much?

I'm always amazed at what people write on their blogs. They seem so interesting and open - my posts always feel a bit stilted. You see, being so open on something that is as public as a blog is something that I struggle with doing. Do I really tell people - the general public - whoever might happen upon this - what is really happening to my life, my heart, my....everything?

Do I tell you that I'm rather distracted and disturbed by life? That I'm always lonely and frustrated that I have no friends? That I get frustrated that people who say they are fellow believers here don't seem to care about actually living for God? That I'm living on a shred of hope that someday I really might conceive? That when I smell the wind and see the light through the trees my heart pounds with its beauty? That I have a dream someday I will be useful in ways I will be able to see? That I hate this land and love it? That my confusion isn't because of what I don't know, but what I do?


Hiccup3000 said...

I struggle myself to decide how much I give away. I wrote a post last month regarding a 'certain company' I didnt like. I always called it the 'certain company' and never mensioned any names so does it really matter what I put. The more you give away the more interesting blogs are too.)This is me -

Paul said...

I am the general public. I happened upon your blog by accident and thought I'd respond. I have the same problem deciding how much to expose of myself. But, since the only people to read my blog are my "significant other" and, occasionally, my son it's a bit easier. I just censor certain aspects of my life. As Hiccup3000 said, "The more you give away the more interesting blogs are too." Still, I believe in a certain amount of privacy and don't wish to live my life as a cast member of a reality show. So, I continue to think twice before hitting that "publish" key