Sunday 22 January 2012

preparation for a non-consumer

Eight weeks left! Yikes - eight weeks!!!! The closer we get to the birth, the more people want to give you all sorts of advice and comments that so obviously reflect their desires or opinions, not generic ones. I just have to laugh - especially when it's people who I have no respect for, especially in the child raising stakes. It is funny when you're going to do something that they obviously didn't do and are almost annoyed at you for planning on. For example, we're going to use reusable diapers/nappies. This seems to be a big deal and people are almost annoyed by it. As if because they didn't do it, we shouldn't be attempting it. The amount of comments I get like, "oh you'll give up on that in a few weeks" or "you'll not like doing that", aren't the most encouraging. But frankly, if our mum's generation all did it, it's not that big of a deal. They're certainly more convenient than they were when I was a child.

As we prep and plan in these last few weeks, we are beginning to realise more and more how much "Stuff" people buy for their kids or think we should buy for this baby. Of course, there are some things that will be helpful and although sort of 'extra' will be of good use. I like those things. But really, this baby isn't even going to remember if it has stuff or not, so why start at the beginning to teach it about consumerism? And do things really have to be brand new?! Ok, I'll admit we have bought some things new - our pram and car seat are new. But we bought them on offer and they ended up being cheaper new than had we bought them second hand. But we have enough 'stuff' without making our child a consumeristic entity.

So my goal is not to accumulate a whole load of "stuff" for this child. I'm happy for it to have what it needs and enjoy it and won't deprive it, but I am also happy to try and keep people from giving 'stuff', just for the sake of it. I know it's tempting, but let's look at necessity here. It's going to have a warm and dry place to sleep and plenty to eat with clean water. Now really, what more does it need besides our love and care?

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